#FamilyFriday | Discovering Thankfulness

When we were first starting to teach Hadassah sign language, we did a little research on what words and phrases should come first. One of the suggestions was to start teaching her "please" and "thank you." They argued that manners are the most important thing and to start teaching them first.

The first time I traveled to Israel, I can tell you that manners were not the first thing I learned. I thought it was a lot more important to know how to say "Where is the bathroom?" before I knew how to say "you're welcome." Can I get an amen? 

So Jonathan and I agreed that it was more important for her to communicate her needs before she could communicate her gratitude. It took a lot of repetition, and a lot of patience. But then one day, when I had finished feeding her, she gave me the biggest hug and signed "Thank you" without any prompting. It wasn't just something she was supposed to do, but it was something that she truly felt and she couldn't help but express it. Oh, my heart! 

At that moment, the Lord came to my mind. How many times in His word does He ask us to give thanks? To be thankful? To do things with a grateful heart? He loves our obedience, even when we don't always feel like it. But how much more so do you think it blesses His heart when we do it because we can't help it? And how many times has it just been a matter of my perspective being negative that has prevented me from bursting forth in gratitude?

Do you want to be a more thankful person? What are some practical steps that you can establish to become that person? 

A thankful person is a generous person. Just ask Dave Ramsey. How can you bless someone else from the overflow of your own blessings today? Like we said during Hanukkah, the light of the smallest good deed can illuminate someone else's darkness.

Shabbat Shalom, and may you be overcome with blessings this week!

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