#FamilyFriday | Lemonade & Lip Balm

I believe that one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is a good book to read. I'm not talking about Harry Potter or Twilight, but a good book filled with information that they can apply to their own life. I was loaned a book on business by a dear friend a few months ago. I LOVE books about business. Seriously, nothing can get my heart pounding faster and the wheels turning more than a good business book. Anyway, here is a quote that really jumped out at me. 

My father’s success was built on a path of loyalty that ran from his family to his friends to his patients to the community... Whether we were waiting in line for a ski lift at a mountain in Vermont or standing in the crowded grandstand of the demolition derby at the country fair, he would always ask us the same questions, @@ ‘what do these people need that they don’t have right now?’ @@ We would look out at the crowd and consider the best answer. The people in line at the ski mountain might need lip balm, the people sitting in the dusty grandstand might need a cup of lemonade.
— Sam Calagione

I don't want to write too much. I feel like whatever I have to say is only going to take away from the quote. I can't wait until the time when Hadassah will be old enough to start this little practice, but I'm even more excited about the time in which she can do something about fulfilling those needs. As I sit here writing this, I'm being convicted that if I expect her to do this one day, then I need to be dimonstrating it to her through my own actions now. So here we go... What do these people need that they don't have now?