Promsquad Session

According to the Etymology Dictionary, "Prom" comes from the word "Promenade". It's kind of funny if you look back through history about the different uses of the word. It has meant "leisurely walking", "to drive animals with shouts", to "walking by the sea", and finally in the late 1800's it finally took on the meaning of a school dance. How they made the connection between driving animals with shouts to school dances, I don't know (well....). But walking by the sea is pretty much perfect because the theme of this year's homeschool prom was Island Paradise. We were so honored to be able to capture these special moments in their lives! 

Miss Olivia Goldsmith

Miss Yancy Campbell

Miss Avery Campbell 

Miss Olivia Golden 

Miss Riley Yosef

Mr. Noah Goldsmith

Mr. Elijah Golden

Mr. Josiah Goldsmith 

Their parents surprised them with this beautiful chariot to take them to dinner and then off to dance the night away!

There were so many great moments in this session that we couldn't quite fit in the blog post, so be sure to check in on Facebook for some more highlights of the evening.