Casper Family Session in Cedar Forest, VA

We started out this session without any idea of what was ahead! Not only did our cheeks and stomachs hurt from all the laughter and ridiculousness, but they serenaded us with song and music at the end. The Caspers are not only absolutely gorgeous (I mean, just check out their pictures), but they are even more beautiful inside - and I'm not just talking about their singing voices. 

Alan and Jessica are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Please, let's take a moment to congratulate them on such an amazing thing. Every day together should be honored and celebrated! They met through mutual friends in college, dated for 18 months, and were engaged for another 18 months before being married. Mr. Casper works for Babcock & Wilcox, making sure they aren't doing anything to harm God's beautiful earth. And Mrs. Casper is busy being an awesome stay at home mom!  

John is in high school as a homeschooler, where Haley graduated from. They both are awesome - and how could they not be, with their genes? Their grandparents, Gaggy and Pa, were able to join us at the end of our session. They're about to celebrate their 50th anniversary together! (and I'm pretty excited about being able to say that one day.) The whole session was shot in and around their 19th century plantation home, which has survived two huge fires. As they were giving us a tour of the home, we got to see Haley's life-size cutout of Dean Martin that permanently lives with Gaggy ;) ...and then, after we had officially wrapped up the session, we went down to the basement. And that's when the singing broke out. Literally. In at least two languages, with organ and piano accompaniment. It was an incredible way to end the evening. Thank you, Gaggy, Haley, and John. And here is the rest of their photos! Wish both grandparents and parents a "Happy Anniversary" and enjoy the highlights from their session!