Parker Family Session | Altavista, VA

The Parker family is so encouraging and uplifting for us. Every time we are ever with them, we leave better people. Their heart for people and for our community is inspiring, but that passion is nothing in comparison to the love they have for their two year old daughter, Anna. Anna could not be any cuter! (who read that in Chandler's voice!?! Haha.) We loved walking around while she explored the world around her, taking everything in. If only we could slow down and enjoy God's world with even half as much awe as she does. 

Anna is so blessed to have a mother that loves to stay home with her. Being a stay-at-home mom is definitely not the easiest job, but Becky does it with a HUGE smile on her face! Every time she looked at Anna, you could see in her eyes that she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. She would hold Anna's hand as we walked, kept her close when cars drove by, wiped her off when there were boo-boo's, and sweetly explained every new discovery that Anna made.

Jonathan and Becky's love for one another just multiplies with those around them. Which is why we're so excited about their newest adventure,  Parker Productions. Jonathan is very talented, both behind the camera and as a story-teller. If you're looking for a videographer for your engagement or wedding, add him to your "must-have" list. Meanwhile, enjoy this brief peek into their family's love story!