Lynch Station, VA | The Craddock Family

Back in June, we hosted a contest to gift two local families a free session. The winners were chosen at random, but they had to be nominated by someone else. The Craddock family was one of our winners. Their friend Megan (who is also our friend, hi Megan!) was the one who nominated them, and this is what she said: 

They’re a great homesteading family of six, and are kind and welcoming to all that know them.

Megan was spot on and we had such a great time with this family! They have 4 ah-dorable kids: Gray, Jax, Kate, and Elle. They weren't too sure about us strange photographers hanging around, but they warmed up real fast as soon as we started talking about farts and poop ;) They're my kind of family! And they even attend Faith Christian Academy in Hurt, which is where I went to high school, and they LOVE it! 

These kids really knew how to have a good time. We shot at their 100 acre farm, with their pigs, cows, chickens, African guineas, dogs, cats, bees, fish, and a neighborhood bear! Whew! I'm tired from listing them all, I can't imagine taking care of them all! And I don't think either Amy or Charles thought they would be taking care of so many animals, either. Being from Martinsville and Madison, the closest that either got to running a farm was Amy's job milking cows every morning at 2am for a year. 

 I was SO excited when Amy asked if it was okay for her parents, Vance and Mary, and Charles' mom, Gloria, to join us in some pictures. Um, yes! We absolutely love it when several generations are present in the sessions! We were so honored to capture them all together! So here is some of the favorites from the session. Thank you all SO much for allowing us to take over your life for a couple hours and run wild on the farm! We were so honored!