Altavista, VA | Haugh Family

This family has blessed our life so much in just the few short weeks that we've known them. They have such an amazingly sweet spirit. And THE best sense of humor! 

When we got to the park, the girls came running from the car in the most adorable outfits. Miss Shirley, who is 7, had this beautiful dress that her mom had made for her and a jean jacket to keep her warm as the evening chilled. And little Amy, who is 4, came running up in an adorable little dress that had feathers all over it. That was what she told her mom she wanted to wear, because she has a little bird. And the handsome 10-going-on-50 Billy was dressed to complement his sisters just perfectly. 

Jenny and Rob met in high school when they were 14 and 17. They got married shortly after Jenny turned 18. Seriously, every teenage girl's dream! Ok, at least it was my dream when I was 14 ;) They celebrated their 15th anniversary this past week! Throughout the whole session, they were sneaking hugs and kisses from each other. Their love for one another was just impossible for them to contain.

They moved to the area a few years ago for Rob's job, and brought with them Jenny's mom, Viva, and brother. I was so excited when Jenny said Viva was going to come to the session. It makes my heart so happy to see generations living peacefully together! And her grandbabies LOVE their Mema!! They kept talking about how much she spoils them. 

Jenny homeschools all three kids, and works from home for Liberty University, and is also working on her Masters of Divinity! Oh my word! These lovely kids have so much energy, I don't know how she keeps up with them. The whole session they loved to run and dance. If any of them fell as they were playing, the other two would immediately stop and make sure the other was okay. Their hearts for one another, and even for strangers, was so beautiful! 

There were a couple of firsts for us during this session. It was the first time we had ever been asked if the clients could take the pictures :) All three of the kiddos jumped behind the camera, and I must say there is definitely some amazing talent coming from these littles. And it was also a first for us to be SCHOOLED in knock-knock jokes! Oh my goodness. Next time we will be prepared :) Here are some of our favorite images from their session! Enjoy!