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The Wedding Experience

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Maybe you heard about us from a friend, or maybe you just discovered our work.
But right now, you're trying to decide if you want us to be your wedding photographers.


More than anyone else, your photographers will be with you during the most intimate and emotional moments of your wedding day. Literally the LAST thing you need is someone by your side who you don't really trust. 

So let's get ice cream and see if we'd make good BFF's or not. We'll talk about your wedding goals and you can see if our values and services line up with what you need.


And most importantly, you can upgrade to the hot fudge topping for free.



How to have your dream wedding in 4 steps


Step 1: Get a collection that's tailored for you.

We're not jerks. We'll include exactly what you need and nothing you don't want in your wedding collection, with a simple investment plan, a secure client portal, and a professional contract for your total peace of mind.


Step 2: Plan your wedding and love with each other well.

We'll provide our experienced input in your wedding plans (without being annoying), help develop your timeline, and get you comfy in front of our cameras with an engagement session that kicks butt.


Step 3: Leave the work to us on your wedding day.

Now that you're gorgeous models and have created a great timeline, you're free to enter into the peace and joy that God is wants for your wedding. That's going to make truly awesome photos.


Step 4: Use your photos as the foundation of your legacy.

Your photos shouldn't be trapped in digital form that will be obsolete in a few years (remember those lame CDs?). Choose from awesome prints and heirloom albums to start building a legacy that actually matters.



This is why we shoot

We don't love wedding photography. We love your marriage.

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We shoot for your family & friends.

These treasured memories are something you will come back to over and over again for the rest of your lives. We look for authentic moments and quickly find the best light and composition to create a photograph that's as beautiful as it is truthful.

We shoot for you.

Guess what, marriage isn't always easy. In those difficult times, your wedding photos are a memorial to what once was and the roadmap to come back home. We help you re-focus on each other and capture raw emotion in unexpected moments that speaks to your incredible love.

We shoot for your children.

In a world filled with broken homes, your children need to see what real covenant love looks like. That legacy matters more than anything else you can pass down. We create timeless photos that will be as beautiful in 50 years as they are right now, and albums tough enough to withstand sticky little hands.


You can learn a lot about someone by the people they spend time with. These are our people.


Who you are

The couples we serve are scattered around the world, but they all share these values.

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You're intentional - about your time, your finances, and your relationships. Where you invest your heart, you invest your life.


Your life is anchored by a family who inspires you and a tribe who empowers you.


Your day starts with coffee and definitely sometimes ends with a glass of wine or whiskey.


Your faith thrives in the Judeo-Christian heritage, loving your neighbor, building up your community, and bringing light to the world.


You're adventurous and a little bit fearless, with just enough street smarts thrown in to save your butts.


You love travelling the world, exploring new cities, and learning how to cook new foods together.


If these values describe you, then we're probably going to be BFF's.