Which Boat are You In?

I don’t view failure as an option. Ever. And he sees failure at every turn.

Recently I (Hannah) was reading a book called 'Why "A" Students Work for "B" Students, and Why "C" Students Work for the Government.' A students are terrified of failure; B students aren't. Jonathan was an A student growing up (always learning something new about him). I was a B student through and through.

The more we talked through it, the more we learned how we see experiences very differently. He viewed a lot of things we've done in our businesses and our personal lives as failures and I saw them as learning experiences and jumping off points for growth. I don't view failure as an option. Ever. And he sees failure at every turn.

There's not a right or wrong way to view these things as long as you don't despair. Failure is okay if it makes you more and more stubborn to succeed. Never failing is even better. 😉 So my question for you guys is, which boat are you in? Do you see failure everywhere but keep pushing on - or is failure not even possible? 👊

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