The Monday Grind, Ep. 1 // Intentional Entrepreneurship for Creatives with Angela Hudson

Owning your own business is hard, guys. Finding what you're truly passionate about is one thing, but finding a way to turn that into a successful business and to stand out in a saturated market is a WHOLE different ballgame. It can be a second full-time job that you only do when you get home from your main full-time job. It could be years before people suddenly realize that you were an "overnight success."

But the people with entrepreneurship in their blood know that the payoff is worth it. So we're going to be sharing our conversations with intentional, efficient, and totally badass entrepreneurs who have survived the in-between and have turned their hobby into a fulfilling career. We're kicking it off with the legendary Angela Hudson, who walked away from her traditional career to pursue cake artistry and has achieved astronomical success while spending next to nothing on traditional marketing techniques.

How did you get started in your business?

I started as a teenager making cakes for friends as a hobby. As I matured and became a better decorator, my business exploded simply through word-of-mouth referrals, and now I am a full-time cake artist!

How can an entrepreneur starting their own company accomplish the growth they dream of?

Grow slowly and intentionally. Have a goal in mind and revisit that goal often to make sure you are on track, or perhaps the goal needs to be tweaked. The wonderful thing about being a small business is that you can shift directions and make big changes without affecting that many customers. Big brands spend millions to make even a small change. You're small enough right now to adapt to your market quickly and fine-tune your brand. Enjoy it!

You talked about your business succeeding through word-of-mouth, and you have completely trashed traditional ad marketing. How did you create a tribe like that who loves you and talks about you to others?

Reputation is everything! Keep positive relationships with all of your vendors, pay attention to current trends in your industry, and know your customers. Listen to them. Serve them with everything you've got. Don't worry about making money, and certainly don't do it just for the money. Be passionate about your craft and serving others. People will be drawn to that and will want to invest in your work.

J & H:

There's no shady secret to quick success that you need to learn. Nothing is holding you back. You've just got to care about people and be willing to serve them with kindness and integrity. And then keep doing it, every day, with everything you've got. Easy, right? But if this is what you were created for, you won't even care about the amount of work you have to put in. Because your soul will be full.


Get to know Angela and her stunning cake art!

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