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Altavista, VA | Jubin Kang Senior Winter Session

This is the third senior year session that we have shot for Jubin, and she once again absolutely rocked these photos! She had been snowed into her house for 4 days, but she wanted her winter session in the snow, and we were happy to comply! Even though there was a lot of snow on the ground, it was a beautiful day and 45 degrees out. If you ask me, that's the perfect weather to do a blizzard session in.

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Altavista, VA | Tabby Patterson Winter Senior Session

For all of you who aren't local, we just survived Snowmeggedon 2016! It was a little rough out there (what we would call a "nice spring weekend" back in Indiana), but we survived. Tabby really wanted to make sure that we did the winter session of her senior year in the snow. We were SO excited to capture these images for her. Seriously, I don't go out in the snow for just anybody! I hope you enjoy the images. She's counting down the months until graduation - we are currently at 4 months left to go! Give Tabby some encouragement in the comments! #FinishStrong

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