Real Talk, Ep. 3 | Best and Worst of the Wedding Day with Katie & Schuyler of A Little Party Events

We're back with the always lovely Katie & Schuyler of A Little Party Events! In Ep. 1, we talked about how to minimize stress. In Ep. 2, we talked about how to maximize your budget. And now in Ep. 3, we're looking back at the best and worst of Katie and Schuyler's own weddings!

Was there something you stressed out about and, looking back now, you feel like was a waste of time or just silly?


My wedding was mostly outside, so weather was certainly a concern leading up to the big day. Following the crazy hurricane style weather at my sister's wedding... outside, in a tent, on my dad's property... everyone was less than thrilled that the nature lover in me selected an outdoor venue. We had a beautiful ceremony in the woods overlooking Smith Mountain Lake and didn't have much of a rain back up plan for that other than moving into the outdoor no-sides pavilion where the reception took place. Luckily, we were clear from rain on day of... but boy was it HOTTT!! I still hear "Your wedding was the hottest wedding I've ever worked"!


This question immediately made me laugh out loud because I still tell this story to my brides! For my wedding I had ordered these pilsner shaped shot glasses that were to contain milk served with homemade cookies as guests exited our wedding (held on my husband’s former family dairy farm). Four days before the wedding I received a notification the glasses would not arrive on time and was devastated...a very silly thing in hindsight, but in my head I saw this all presented a certain way and now it was not going to be exactly the way I envisioned. My coordinator Emily reminded me that NONE of my guests knew what my original plan was and kindly guided me to an alternative shot glass option I could purchase locally. Needless to say, she was correct and guests were wowed and loved the personal touch, and never knew anything was different than I had planned.

How did you meet your hubbies - and what is your favorite memory from your wedding day?


 I met my husband the summer before freshman year of college (2004) and we were married in 2010. My favorite memory is a little piece of advice my sister gave me and we now give all our brides. Towards the end of the reception, Ryan and I stepped away from the chaos and took a few minutes to take it all in. It was so surreal and it all happens so fast -- this moment is, by far, one of the best and one that I will remember forever!


 My husband’s family owned a local wedding venue and I met him on my very first day at work as their in house coordinator. His family still lived in the main house and he sauntered into the office that morning, also known to him as his family kitchen, in only his boxers. We were both embarrassed, but I quickly noted his “freshly home from Iraq War” abs and adorable smile. That was in the spring of 2004, we were married in October of 2007. My fondest memory on wedding day was seeing friends and family happily entertained. I especially love thinking back to the band playing Billy Idol’s "White Wedding" and my husband spinning his jacket around and it landing on a table full of candles. Luckily my mom was there to put the fire out quickly. To know my husband is to know he loves to party and I knew at that moment we had planned the perfect little party!

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