Real Talk, Ep. 2 | Maximizing Your Budget with Katie & Schuyler of A Little Party Events

maximizing your wedding budget with a little party events lynchburg

We're continuing our chat with Katie & Schuyler as they offer practical, real-world advice for how to plan your wedding effectively (and how they planned their own weddings) as leaders in the industry. In Ep. 1, we talked about how to minimize stress - now we're talking about how to maximize your budget!

In your personal AND professional opinion, where should couples invest the biggest part of their wedding budget?


Professionally, we know the biggest part of our client’s budget (about 50%) will typically be dedicated to venue, food and beverages. When planning a wedding, we first sit down and outline the top three priorities our clients have on their big day so we can allocate funds properly. Some brides can “have it all” while others may have to be more strategic with where money is spent.

Personally, at the least a coordinator for your day to ensure everything you have planned is executed and you are stress free. On top of that, we think you can never go wrong with having good food, drinks, flowers, and music - as these are the elements your guests will remember, and good photography and videography as this will be the only tangible memories you as a couple have when the day has come and gone.

What is something that you think most weddings could do WITHOUT?


Traditions and superstitions. Don’t get us wrong, we love traditions, but you wearing white, or not seeing your honey before the wedding, those are a thing of the past. No longer do you have to have your new husband reach up your dress and throw your garter to his friends, nor do you have to single out your single ladies and make them fight for a bouquet. Grandmas can be flower girls, weddings can be on a weekday, and you can do a first look and join that cocktail hour you’ve planned and paid for! We love twists like floral rings for mothers instead of wrist corsages, wedding cakes as centerpieces, and colorful wedding gowns, just to name a few.

J & H:

We TOTALLY agree with Katie - be different, be unconventional, be you. We got married on a Wednesday evening, in front of 24 family and friends, in a big open field under a chuppah that Hannah's father build out of hewn saplings. Our wedding reception was 3 days later in a warehouse with 250 people. It was weird, but it was fun - and most importantly, it was us!

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