Real Talk, Ep. 1 | Staying Calm on Your Wedding Day with Katie & Schuyler of A Little Party Events

Today begins a new series on our blog, offering practical, real-world advice for how to plan your wedding effectively (and how they planned their own weddings) from the leaders in the industry! We couldn't think of anyone better to launch this series than Katie and Schuyler of A Little Party Events, an event planning company composed of the area's most experienced wedding planners and coordinators ready to help orchestrate all of those magical wedding day moments. They are lifelong lovers of hospitality, organization, timelines, details, and checklists and they pride ourselves on providing their clients with a personal, unforgettable experience. 

What is one thing that you are SO glad you had or did at your own wedding?


The focus for my wedding was on my guest’s experience. To achieve this, I decided to book a killer band, had delicious food, and variety of refreshing cocktails. We hosted four different bands throughout the weekend and really made live music a top priority!


Hands down I could not have made it through my wedding without both (yes I had two, LOL) wedding coordinators. They kept me calm, brought my vision to life, and handled the many logistics I threw their way with grace.

How did you keep your stress low leading up to your weddings?


Characteristically I tend to be relatively laid back and since I was already a coordinator, I was well prepared for wedding day. Thankfully, my mother handled a lot of details on day of and we worked with all professional vendors who executed my dream wedding! I chose a venue that did not have limited hours and we had access prior to the weekend, so we could set up early allowing us to relax and enjoy the day!


I, unfortunately, was not a laid back bride and relied heavily on my coordinators to keep my stress levels down. I trusted that they would make sure that everything I had been planning and imagining would get executed!

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