Noah & Hannah's Engagement Session at Morikami Japanese Gardens, Florida | Pt. I

Noah and Hannah Engagement Session-27.jpg

Noah is from Ohio, but he's Polynesian by blood and ink. Hannah was born and raised in Florida, and they met at college. They struck up a casual friendship, but then they lost touch. They dated other people, it never lasted. Noah lost his father to cancer, putting him in a spiral of pain, doubt, and anger. But from that place of anguish, Noah came to know the Lord. He would go on to transfer to seminary. Noah can now look back and see how the Lord grew him and protected him until he would come back to Hannah.

And so life moved on, and the Lord guided his steps, until one day he happened to cross paths with her again a couple of years later. He asked her out to lunch, and that lunch stretched 4 hours through the afternoon. Over the next two weeks, they spent every possible waking moment together. He asked her out, and really soon after that he started planning the proposal!

He already knew what date he would propose on. He spent months shopping for the right engagement ring. Local jewelry store employees knew him by name and kind of hated him. He was orchestrating schedules to make sure that all of her family would be available on the day he proposed. Meanwhile, Hannah was also trying to plan a surprise for him on his birthday by bringing HIS family into town. And on the morning that Hannah was going to surprise him at breakfast at a restaurant with his family, he told her he wanted to watch the sunrise first. And as the sun rose over the ocean, he got down on one knee to propose. As soon as she said yes, her whole family AND his family stormed the beach from the sand dunes where they had been hiding!

The wedding date is set for June 2019 and the wedding plans are coming together! Noah is finishing his degree in ministry and soon they’ll be looking for a place for him to serve - and a place for them to call their first home together. But first, enjoy Part I of their beautiful engagement session below!