Altavista, VA | Kris & Bethany's Snow Portraits

This sweet Georgia couple came up for the weekend to hang out with some friends and got snowed in. Kris, a Liberty graduate, had experienced Lynchburg's bizarre weather, including all the snow (or lack thereof, the next day). He thought it would be no big deal for them to get back to Georgia afterward, but little did they know they would get stuck for a few extra days. This was Bethany's first time in so much snow, and she loved it! (Meanwhile, being a Lake Michigan girl, I was just laughing at the 5 inches of snow. That's what we call Spring up north. ;) But we were so excited that we were able to capture her first real snow and Kris making memories with his lovely girlfriend!

You guys have such a joy about your young relationship! Don't ever lose that - cherish it and nurture it as your relationship grows. We're so grateful that you froze in the snow with us, but we're even more excited to see your love for one another grow!