Altavista, VA | KJ & Soli's Snow Portraits

KJ and Soli have been married a little over two years now. I (Hannah) love every year I'm married to my best friend, but the second year was so good. Things were calming down, we were much more comfortable with each other and our roles in the marriage. Enjoy it, you guys! KJ is another local wedding photographer. Go check out his work! He is a great photographer and the way he pours into his clients is just incredible. And his mamacita wifey, Soli, is a nanny which fits her loving and generous spirit so well! 

This couple has been such a source of joy and encouragement for me and Jonathan. I can't believe we've only known them for a year!

This past weekend we asked them to let us shoot them in the first snowstorm of the year. Besides how awesome they are, you can see they're also gorgeous! They agreed to go out on a sub-freezing windy day and we captured some fun and sweet moments between the two of them. (And we brought hot coffee, so it wasn't that bad.)