Joshua & Lexis' Dreamy Fog Engagement Session at The Peaks of Otter, Virginia | Pt. II

Joshua and Lexis Engagement Session-75.jpg

They both grew up here, and they met on a blind date at a little Mexican restaurant. Her sister is best friends with one of his co-workers, and the set-up was hatched. She was shocked when he just randomly sent her a message on Facebook that said, "I heard you were interested in me?" They met for lunch, and they hit it off right away. They've been inseparable every since. 

He gave her a promise ring on their 1-year anniversary, but they had known long before then that they were going to marry each other. She told us that she fell in love with his gentle and kind spirit. Finally, this spring they went for a walk by the river like they always do (they're already like a cute old couple), and he had another anniversary present for her. It was a storybook, written and illustrated with stick people by Josh. Every page had something that he loved about her. The final page was a stick figure down on one knee. When Lexis looked up from the book, Josh was kneeling beside her with the ring in his hand!

They're planning the wedding now, even while both working brutal work schedules and while she finishes up nursing school. But we can't wait for their winter wedding in 2019!