Joshua & Lexis' Dreamy Fog Engagement Session at The Peaks of Otter, Virginia | Pt. I

Joshua and Lexis Engagement Session-17.jpg

It was ironic, really. Josh had originally planned to hike the Peaks of Otter with Lexis in order to propose to her at the summit. They made plans, but they kept falling through, and the Sharp Top proposal never happened. When we went back for their engagement session, we couldn't make it to the summit AGAIN! We had decided to take the shuttle up, between Lexis' beautiful dress and me being in the 3rd trimester, but I read the website wrong and the shuttle wasn't running - and even if it had been, the fog was so heavy on the mountain that it was too dangerous to make the ascent. Ugh. We're gonna get Josh & Lexis up the mountain sooner or later though.

They're getting married in Lynchburg in December 2019 and Lexis is dreaming of a snowy wedding! And although the weather keeps changing up her plans (at least when it comes to the Peaks of Otter), we couldn't have asked for more magical weather with this incredible, thick fog over the valley! I couldn't tell if we were 30 minutes from Lynchburg or if we had gotten lost in the British Isles somewhere. SO FUN.