Happy New Year!

You guys, it's already the last day of 2016. Where did the time go!?! I can't believe how fast this year went. It was an amazing year, but not without lots of twists and turns. With the new year coming in just a few hours, it's a good time to look back at what was accomplished and set goals for the coming year.

Random note from me (Hannah): I've never done a new year's resolution. I always thought they were dumb. (Sorry guys, if your whole life is based around resolutions. Don't take it personal.) But really, if there's something in your life that you need to change, don't wait until some arbitrary date on the calendar, start right now. You want to be healthier? Get to the gym. You want to be a better cook? Get in the kitchen. You want to save some money? Don't buy that Starbucks coffee. Simple, right?

But still, in spite of me not believing in New Year's resolutions, it is a really good time for us to stop and evaluate how things went and where we want them to go. It's the slow season in the wedding industry, so we can actually breathe a little and work ON our business, instead of just IN it. 

So Jonathan and I sat down yesterday and did just that. We had a few goals we reached last year and a few that we didn't quite reach, and that's totally okay. Here's why, because what God had planned for us was SO much better than we ever could have dreamed of - and it wouldn't have happened if we pursued it ourselves. It's really hard to explain, but it goes like this: Set some goals, make steps to reach those goals, but at the same time allow God to be at work and maybe even blow your plans right out of the water!

I wanted to share with you 3 of our own personal, non-business goals for 2017, too.

1. Have a baby! Haha, as if I actually have an control over that at this point ;)
2. Buy a bigger car ... with cash. Dave Ramsey-style, people!!
3. Take piano lessons! Friends are giving us their old piano and it just seems wrong to live in an old dance studio with a piano and not know how to play it.
4. For Jonathan, finish studying the book of Romans. He spent several months working through the first 6 chapters but those twists and turns of 2016 sucker-punched him 10 months ago. It's time to dig back in!

Keep us accountable this year. We would love it. What are some of the goals from 2016 that God blew you out of the water with? We'll be sharing some of our goals and what God did instead soon. And what are the goals you have for this coming 2017? As you set your own goals, I wanted to encourage you in a couple things. One, make sure you set steps to how to reach those goals. Dave Ramsey says, "A goal without steps is just a dream." Two, keep a loose grip and stay open to God changing the goals or even the goals. And three, give yourself grace throughout the year!

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