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#FamilyFriday | The Posture of Prayer

If you grew up in a Christian home, like I did, you can almost definitely be sure that there will be a prayer before every meal. We did it three times a day, every day! I honestly cannot remember a day that we did not pray before we ate. But in recent years, as we studied what God asks of us, we found this command: To thank the Lord AFTER we eat. Wait, what?

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#FamilyFriday | Patience

Have you ever gone to another country and weren't able to speak the language? Maybe just Spanish class in high school? How frustrating was it that you weren't able to explain your thoughts and desires? ...Especially when it came time to go to the bathroom!?! Yeah, it's hard. That's why Jonathan and I decided that we wanted to teach Hadassah sign language.

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#familyfriday | Inside Out

I understand we're a little behind on this movie. I think it's about to come to DVD this week. We finally had an opportunity to go out on a date night and see this little tale!

If you haven't seen it yet, the basic plot line is that each emotion a person has - joy, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear - are personified in a character in the person's head. They each take turns controlling the emotions of this little girl as she's growing up....

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#FamilyFriday | The School of Hadassah

I know that #FamilyFriday is supposed to be all about teaching our children as we walk, eat, lay down - basically at every opportunity. But what happens when our children have taught us something? I learn the lesson, and one day I may have the opportunity to remind her of what she taught me.

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#FamilyFriday in Jersey | Karen Katulka

I met Karen on my first trip to Israel 6 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long!). Our fearless leader, Chris Katulka, for the first 2 and half weeks kept telling us about how amazing his wife of 8 months was. He would tell us she was hilarious, super sweet, and had the best heart. Our little group was nervous about meeting her because either Chris was right and this woman is really intimidating, or Chris is still in the honeymoon phase and she's no where near as awesome as he thinks. Well, when she finally arrived in Israel and it turned out Chris was wrong, very wrong. Karen was so much more amazing than he described! 

Karen has the best sense of humor (I mean seriously, talk show host funny), her heart is so full of love for the Lord and for his creation, and is ready to jump in and serve wherever there is a need. Today, six years later, they have beautiful family - their daughter Olive and twin sons Cohen and Preston. I can't believe what Karen is able to accomplish in a day. For our very first guest on the blog, she couldn't have been more perfect. Once you're done reading through our interview, go check out her blog. She is truly one of the most transparent and honest people I know. Hit her up with some questions of your own in the comments!

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