Alyssa & Kyle's Engagement | Lynchburg, VA

Sometimes, we get to go back in time. Before the kids. Before the wedding. Back to the beginning, to see the sparks that ignite the fire of a lifetime. This session was one of those times.

The moment Alyssa saw Kyle for the first time, she dragged her mom aside and said, "I'm going to date that guy someday." Kyle was roommates with her brother, Jeremiah, so she jumped at the chance to help her brother move a few months later. That night she asked Kyle out to see a movie. The rest is history.

Well, not quite. A few months later, they separated - they still had some growing up to do first. Alyssa texted Kyle on his birthday and invited him out for a drink. They talked constantly for the next three weeks, but then Kyle was deployed to Iraq and he friend-zoned Alyssa (her words!) while he was overseas. After he returned to the states, she took him home to Tennessee to meet her huge family, and introduced him to everyone as her "friend" until he made her stop, and told her he wanted her to introduce him as her boyfriend. 

Fast forward a little bit. Kyle and Jeremiah start planning the engagement. It takes months of preparation with military precision, with detailed maps and topography of Hatteras Island where he would propose. Kyle and Alyssa drive down for the weekend and Jeremiah follows the next day. Kyle has the spot on the beach picked out and Jeremiah is stationed behind a sand dune 100 yards away.

The moment comes and Kyle is a nervous wreck. And then he realizes that he and Jeremiah only forgot one detail - a signal. Jeremiah has no idea when to come out of hiding and start filming. Kyle tries signaling him, but nothing happens. So Kyle taps Alyssa on the shoulder and says, "Hey, I have a question." She's been clueless up until now, all she knew was that he was dead quiet on their 5-hour drive to the beach. Kyle knelt in the sand in front of her, and at the same moment both she and her brother hiding in the dunes realize what's happening. And Kyle realizes that everything he had planned to say to Alyssa, everything he had spent two months preparing, just crumbled apart in his mind. All he can say is five words: "Alyssa, will you marry me?" And she responds with just one word, through all her tears and laughing, seconds before turning around and screaming at the figure that's charging at them up the beach from behind a sand dune.

Their love is all the stronger now for the struggles and trials that they have been through. During their session, it seemed like they hardly noticed that we were photographing them, they were so focused on each other. Alyssa talked about Kyle's servant heart, and he talked about her strength. And best of all, they made each other laugh. Like, a lot. <3 

Alyssa shared with us that the best date Kyle ever took her on was one night, after she had a horrible day at work, he drove her up to the roof of a parking garage, turned the stereo up, and she danced all her frustrations away. We couldn't resist. Jonathan and I looked at each other, calm and professional on the outside, but on the inside we were doing this: AAAHHHH ROOFTOP DANCING YES PLEASE. We asked if they would take us back to that spot and let us photograph them dancing again. The sun had already dropped below the horizon and we were losing light fast, but we kept shooting as Kyle led Alyssa in a slow dance to 1,000 Years and she quietly sang the lyrics to him. They turned out to be some of the most intimate moments of the whole day.

The wedding details are done and the invitations are in the mail. We know it's going to be a beautiful day, but you know what is even better? What comes after the wedding day. Life together. Making a home together. Raising kids together. Growing old and wrinkly together. What started as flying sparks is growing into a fire; may the flame of their love be an illumination and a blessing to everyone around them.

Enjoy these moments from their session, and leave them some love in the comments!