St. Baldrick's | Hurt, VA

Hosted by Claire Parker Foundation

Newsies is my (Hannah) all time favorite movie. The power of a joined community is a force that cannot be stopped. And it all starts with one voice. Just one person saying, "No. This isn't right. Something has got to change." Yesterday we witnessed such a thing.

This story began in 2000, when the first voices said, "Something has got to change about pediatric cancer research." And every year it echos throughout the nation. Individuals raise money to fund the research and in exchange they shave their head, hoping to bring awareness to the tragic situation at hand. (For more information on the organization and the sad statistics, look here.)

For our community, this hits very close to our hearts, already losing too many to these awful diseases and with others still battling. One of the families that was effected are Jordan and Connie Parker. They lost their beautiful daughter, Claire, last year. Turning ashes into something beautiful, they began the Claire Parker Foundation. The only one of it's kind, this organization puts together boxes to send to families in the hospital when they are first diagnosed, when a child relapses, and when they lose a child. The Lord has blessed Connie with the gift of writing, and you can learn more about the foundation and their journey here. The Lord is going to use this in such a powerful way. 

Our community came together yesterday to help. Claire's dad, her great uncle, and the oncologist that cared for her at Duke all left bald in memory of this sweet girl. There were friends, children, teachers, and many more that gave what they could - their hair. Here is Gwen, Daniel, and Terri's story. Together they were able to raise almost $12,000! So powerful. As they sang in Newsies, "Seize the day!"